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Jumping Jax Challenge!

No matter which side of the screen you’re on, there’s a good chance more exercise would do everyone working in technology a lot of good. That’s why we’re launching the #jumpinkjaxchallenge this week on Instagram! Upload videos of yourself doing jumping jacks after saying “Startersoft - Websites that work.” and we’ll share some of our ad budget with the best jumper every month through December 2018.The jumping jacks challenge has officially launched! Here’s an opportunity to win cash from our ad budget every month until the end of this year for the best jumping jacks videos uploaded. Simply follow @Startersoft and upload your video or videos tagged #jumpingjaxchallenge @Startersoft after making sure at least one performer in each video says “Startersoft: Websites that work!” near beginning of your performance so we know it is original. Our team will review each one and a winner will then be selected and announced after the end of each & every remaining month this year including this one. Offer expires December 31, 2018. Get your friends involved to dial up the fun, be safe & happy jumping everyone! Monthly winner prize: $100

Last Updated on Thursday, 13 September 2018 02:15